Friday, March 11, 2011

Seeds of Compassion

Maybe you remember, maybe you don't.  One of the key words I want Monkey to know about himself as he grows is "compassion".  I watch with joy as this little man notices people who are sad and wants to do something about it.  He tries so hard to comfort his brother, and has recently adopted the phrase "poor guy" - I'm not really sure what he means when he uses it, but he's starting to identify with people who are hurting.

Today our neighbor girl fell off of her scooter and hurt her leg.  Someone thought she might have broken it and called to have an ambulance come so she could be examined (her mom was not home and they had no other way to get her to the hospital).  We watched the ambulance and talked about what was happening.  Monkey and I said a prayer for Marissa as they wheeled her into the ambulance.  He told her bye, see you later, and feel better.

He didn't just feel pity for her in the moment.  See, this happened more than 6 hours ago.  It has been on his mind all afternoon and evening.  Monkey keeps telling us, "Marissa sad, Marissa hurt leg, Marissa go hospital."  Even at 2 1/2 my sweet man is learning to care about others.  I think tomorrow morning we will make a card for her and deliver it.

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