Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Remember those old stories, I remember writing Good News/Bad News stories in Elementary school... anyway, here goes:

Good news: After over a year of fighting to get a speech therapist of Monkey (First Steps assigned him a Developmental therapist and said that was good enough and the speech therapists were all busy)... He is getting a speech therapist! 

Bad news:  He is only qualified to receive First Steps services for 4 more months.

Good news:  We had his "transition" meeting today, where they talk about his future needs (you know, like preschool programs).  So we can get further assistance after he ages out of First Steps.

Bad news:  Preschool programs don't start until after Labor day, so he has to wait for a few months with no therapy.

Good news:  My kid is pretty smart and has some "Advanced" skills for a 2.5 year old.

Bad news:  He will not qualify for the public school's special education preschool, even with his speech delay.

Good news (I guess):  He may be able to get preschool through Head Start... not what I wanted, but maybe it'll be enough to give him the push he needs.  Anyway, he'll qualify for regular public pre-kindergarten when he turns 4, if we decide to send him.


  1. My daughter will be two in May and she's been in therapy since she was 4 months old. Started out in physical therapy and occupation therapy, added a developmental therapist (asked for speech) and then after like two months demanded a speech therapist because the developmental therapist wasn't doing her job in my opinion so i know how First Steps can be. Sounds like even though there are some things you didn't want to hear, you're on the right path and I wish you luck as he enters school :)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I think he'll do okay, he just still has a lot of difficulty with speech. His DT has been requesting speech since she first met him and there "isn't anyone available"... suddenly today there is. Hopefully this few months will make a difference.

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