Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drinking my fruits & veggies

Maybe I'm weird for not being overly fond of fruits, but that's how I am.  I love most veggies, but I'm really (really) picky about fruits.  I rarely eat them even though I serve fresh fruits to my children and husband as often as possible.

For some fruits it's a texture issue as much as the flavor - but even fruit "flavored" things tend to turn me off.  I do like berries, and a few fruits - but rarely eat them.

Why?  I guess I stopped eating fruits initially because of my diabetes.  Less fruit = less carbohydrate = lower blood sugar, right?  According to the folks at the diabetes center in town, eating too few carbs can be just as problematic as too many.

So I'm working on it, adding in some good healthy carbs.

My sister is on (basically) a whole foods diet.  I've been looking into it as well, trying to decide if it's for me.  It's tough because that might mean more fruit than I like!  She's inspired me to try drinking some of my fruits.  So I've had a smoothie every day for 3 days now.  I add in veggies - spinach, carrots, etc, and flax seed to help with balancing my drinks and giving them some bulk.

You know what?  They're decent.  AND they help with some intestinal issues I've been struggling with during this pregnancy.  I'm not looking to lose or gain weight, so I don't know if these would help me with either.  I do know that they're filling - I don't feel like I need snacks after having a smoothie.

Do you have a great smoothie recipe?  Like I said - I'm pretty picky about fruits.


  1. This is my morning smoothie: http://veganisreasonable.blogspot.com/2011/04/morning-smoothie-recipe.html
    The only fruit is half a banana to bind it and it makes sure I get a good amount of protein and green leafy veggies each day! Good luck! (I have changed the recipe slightly to accommodate pregnancy)