Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where did this day go wrong?

Boy Party
Post 5

Okay, so maybe it has nothing to do with boys, maybe it does.  Monkey is very consistently awake between 6 and 7am.  I hate that - I am NOT a morning person.  Since his surgery last week things have been different - I'm not sure that he's fully recovered.  

This morning was beautiful, peaceful, quiet...
I woke up with Monkey snuggled next to me (don't tell Mr. Crum, but I like that).  I snuck out of bed - somehow he stayed asleep.  I had a quiet breakfast, sat on the front porch in the cool air - yep, mid-August and it's decently cool outside in the morning - LOVING that.  I finished a review and giveaway post that I had intended to finish last night.  Sold a few items on the local virtual garage sale page.

Roamer came right after that - 9:30 and my boys were both still asleep.  I took the little guy inside and gave him some toys.  I went into my room to wake Monkey up... and then it happened.

There was a MONSTER in my bedroom.  Now, my boys are generally very good spirited and obedient.  We honestly have very few problems with throwing fits... but this morning... oh wow.  Monkey wanted milk in the blue cup that he found in my bedroom.  The problem - that cup is filled with beads.  He doesn't want beads in his blue cup... and he doesn't want the shiny blue cup - he wants the little tiny blue cup. After a LOT of crying, screaming, and general tantrum throwing, he conceded to use the shiny blue cup instead.

Then he wanted juice.  No problem, I just have to go to the basement - accept, that is a problem because he doesn't understand that while he's upset.  Then he was finally ready for breakfast - he requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I didn't care, as long as he would eat something.  BUT - I gave him half of a sandwich that was stashed in the fridge... not the right sandwich, I guess.  

We got the right sandwich, finally.  Then when he was done, my very active little boy climbed into my lap and snuggled for about 15 minutes.  He NEVER does that.  

I don't know what went wrong this morning.. Crackers woke up in a weird mood too.  Maybe a rough morning, maybe some sickness.  It seems like we're on an upswing now.


  1. Aw... Sounds like he might be fighting off a slight infection. Or maybe the reality of surgery just hit him and he's not quite feeling in control of things. I hate when my little guy gets into those moods... everything you do leads to screeching, screaming tantrums! Hope things get better.

  2. It was a rough morning, followed by a long hard nap... followed by sobbing at dinner, then a bath and he was ready to go to bed - we didn't even have to take him there, he told us it was time. Hoping he's better tomorrow, I really need to get some church work done.