Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off to surgery

I'm kicking myself, I meant to grab the camera - it was even RIGHT next to the computer waiting for me!  We've been talking with Monkey about his surgery for the last couple of days - he's getting new tubes in his ears (and his adenoids removed - I didn't tell him that part).  I was anxious this morning about how he would deal with not getting breakfast.  He did amazingly.  He asked 1 time for food and then wanted to watch Diego.  No problem, we watched Diego.

We went to Target to push the buttons in the toy aisle while we stalled before our scheduled check in time.  It worked beautifully, he loves doing that and didn't think about food.

As we pulled into the hospital for the surgery center he asked, "Doctor going to fix my pedi?" (penis)... I again explained that they are putting new tubes in his ears.

He did great, he was a little anxious about putting the gown on, then he told me he did not want tubes.  He does not like the idea of a mask that smells like bubble gum - I told him it will smell like strawberry instead - I lied a little - he doesn't know what bubble gum smells like anyway.  He was amused that when he sat in just the right way, his underwear were showing.  He spent some time playing hide and seek under the chairs while we waited for them to take him back for surgery.

When the nurse was ready to take my Monkey to surgery, he handed me his blanket, gave me 5, gave the nurse 5, and walked through the door smiling.

I don't expect he'll wake up as happy as he went back.  He's had an excellent morning though!

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