Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mommy Lesson #6: Move quickly

Moral: Move quickly when they say "oh no".

Today it was hot outside.  REALLY hot.  Monkey brought me the juice from the fridge while the other boys were playing outside - and I felt obliged to let them all have a drink.

They were thirsty.  Maybe because they VERY VERY rarely get juice... but they each drank several servings of juice.  Crackers is always thirsty - so I didn't think much about it.

Mr. Crum got home at about 4 (we'd been inside for half an hour already).  Crackers was stinky, and Mr. Crum (my hero) was getting ready to change him.  We saw that Crackers was getting ready to fill his pants some more.  Soon, he was sitting down, poking at his diaper and saying "oh no"!

I was so stunned at what was happening that I froze.  What a dork.  I couldn't think of what to do when I saw that "oh no" was the best sentiment possible - his dipe had leaked and was spilling onto the floor... and he was poking at it... and then.. THEN... he rubbed it in his hair.

Aghast, I was incredibly thankful for Mr. Crum, who had much more sense than I did and quickly moved for a towel, clean diapers, some wipes, and a bag... he took care of cleaning Crackers while I started the bathtub.

Note to self: limit the juice... and get up quickly when that little boy says "oh no".


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