Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Naptime Noodling

I've been trying to figure out how to solve my naptime problem.

See - my boys are ready for lunch by 10:30 every day and they lay down for nap right after lunch, so most days they nap by 11am.  That seems SUPER early and it makes it hard to get things done in the mornings (at least it's tricky on mornings I don't babysit).

I've been trying to push lunch time back a bit in order to teach them to nap a little later in the day.  The problem is that by 10am Crackers is already starting to get cranky.  By 11am Monkey is so tired that he "can't" walk up the stairs by himself to get into his bed.  (On those days, for some reason, mama's bed just won't do either).

So I'm left wondering how to change their naptime without too much fuss.  Anyone have suggestions?  I feel stuck with a 10:30 lunch and 11am nap!  Crazy kids.


  1. Have you considered a snack at their usual lunchtime? Then maybe some quiet time, like reading or coloring until lunchtime? You could do lunch at 11:30, then slowly move it back every few days until 12 or 12:30?

  2. I haven't tried that, I'm not a big fan of snacks - maybe I could give them the fruit from their lunch earlier and just do veggies and a protien later. We'll have to think about that!