Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I think we may have a toddler with chicken pox.  Let's hope he just had some crazy attack of bugs that for some reason didn't get to anyone else in the family... might make for an interesting week!


  1. Jen, has he been exposed to anyone with chicken pox? Yesterday morning I barely noticed a couple spots on my toddler when changing her morning diaper. Then a couple hours later my daughter changed her diaper and saw lots of spots. When I looked I was amazed and how many and how quickly they had appeared. Some had a red dot in the middle then a white ring with a red outer ring around the white one. They changed from just a slightly red spot to the ones I just described. Actually I'm not sure which stage comes first. My daughter looked it up online and saw that it can be caused by an insect bite, with it only taking as little as one actual bite. They are just allergic to the bites. I knew my LO couldn't have pox b/c she hasn't been around any other children. And she had no other symptoms, no fever and they weren't itching her.
    As the day progressed she developed more and more spots. Before bed I rubbed coconut oil all over her. When she woke up this morning she was fine, no spots at all!
    Hope all turns out well for your little one!

  2. I'm probably going to have one like that very soon. The vax is a live virus & my oldest needs to have one. He hit puberty without getting the disease and now would be at risk for lots of nasty stuff if he should get sick - sterilization being one! Anyway, when he gets the shot at his physical, chances are Little Guy will be spotty soon after.

    If it is chicken pox, I hope the fever(s) and itching are over fast and you can put it all behind you. (Is this the little guy who was in the "snit" this morning? I was wondering if he might be coming down with something.)

  3. To my knowledge he hasnt' been exposed to chicken pox, but he spends time in the church nursery and someone else may have had it and not known yet, ya know? They don't seem to be spreading any mroe and he doesnt' have a fever at all. He's still really itchy... we washed all of both the boys' bedding today just in case it's bites of some sort.

    Alicia - it's not even the one that was in a snit this morning.. and ugh.. that one was grouchy ALL day.