Saturday, August 27, 2011

What am I?

"Large" might be the best answer to this question.
I am only 29 weeks.. OI!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a dilemma.  I cannot figure out what I am.  
Am I a WAHM? (Work at home mom)
or a SAHM? (Stay at home mom)
or.. something else that there certainly must be a name for, but I don't know...

Here's the reason for my dilemma - I work 2 part time jobs - 1 is babysitting, 1 is in children's ministry.  (The babysitting will be ending soon, but that still leaves me working).  BUT - I'm not a "traditional" worker, in that my children are in daycare while I work.  Obviously, when I babysit they are also at home.  When I do work at/for the church I either have the boys with me, or Mr. Crum keeps them if he's not working.  My boys are my main "job".  I don't make and sell things like many WAHMs, but unlike a SAHM, I do work for pay.

Why is this important to me?  Mostly because when I write a letter to a company that I would like to partner with on my blog, I just am not sure about how to word things.  It was easy a few months ago, I knew I was a SAHM then.  I'm still a full time mom, I just have a different focus during certain parts of my day.

So what am I?  Is there a name for me?  Am I just a MOM?


  1. You are what I am... A works-with-my-child-mom. Haleigh comes to work with me every day - so I'm in the same predicament as you.

  2. WWCM thats what we are ;-) or a BCTWWM Baby comes to work with mommy

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