Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mommy Lesson #7: Science

The moral of this lesson is: clean it up the first time.

This morning, while I was preparing lunch, Crackers got quiet.  I know, ALWAYS a sign that I should see what's going on... I was pretty quick on the draw.  He had discovered that there was a roll of toilet paper sitting on the edge of the bathroom sink.  Being a curious 19 month old, he thought it would be a good idea to find out what happens when you run water over the roll.

The result: When water is run on a full roll of toilet paper, it creates a dent in the toilet paper... oh, and the paper gets VERY wet.

Mama was in a hurry to get lunch on the table and boys off to bed for naps - I left the TP in the sink, not wanting to deal with the soaking mess, I figured I would clean it up during nap.

Fast forward to nap time.
Monkey needed to potty - he REALLY had to go.  Mama sat in the other room and ignored him, after several minutes, he was instructed that it was time to be done.  "Okay" was his response, followed by an incomplete flush.  "Ugh," thought mama, "I plugged it up when I went earlier, I hate it when that happens".  Sent Monkey upstairs and discovered his science experiment.

When a 3 year old finds a wet roll of TP in the bathroom sink, he feels like it's a good idea to shred it all into the potty and see what happens.

The result: A full roll of wet toilet paper plugs up the potty, therefore the plunger must be used to "unclog" the mess.  Somehow the floor gets rather wet in the process of shredding toilet paper as well.

Next time, I clean up after the FIRST mess, even if it means delaying lunch and nap!


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