Friday, August 19, 2011

My brilliant son

Okay, so everyone thinks their kid is bright.  I know, I know... mine's just like all the others.  It's probably entirely true.  

Still - it doesn't stop me from being proud when my young 3 year old gets excited about pulling into the parking lot of Hobby Lobby.  He wasn't excited about Hobby Lobby - he was actually kind of mad because he wanted to go to "the store".  I guess that was Walmart today.

Monkey was excited because, "I see letter B!"

"That's right," I answered.  "How many letter B's are there?"

Without a pause, he said "Four, I see four letter B".

Maybe not brilliant, but heck, my kid counted to 4 in his head in just a moment.

Great math today, Monkey!


  1. How cool! Doesn't it just amaze you when they say stuff like that? I say genius - in math AND reading!!

    Team Umizoomi has it made in our house. My little one is starting to recognize numbers and (kind of) counting.

  2. what is Team Umizoomi?????

    Monkey LOVES letters and he likes numbers pretty well too.