Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The thing I dread

I think the thing I dread the most is making phone calls - especially phone calls related to doctors and bills.  I won't tell you where the dread of phone calls started, in case someone who is reading is or knows the situation... let's suffice it to say that this problem started when I was in high school.

I do talk to my sister on the phone plenty, but very seldom talk to others.  Sorry if you've tried to call me and I've ignored you - I dread talking on the phone, I'd much rather talk to you for real, or by email, or on Facebook...

Today I've got to make some doctors and bills calls.. ugh.. dreading it.. I've avoided these calls for a week.. HAVE to do it!

That's all, just thought I'd share.. and delay the calling!


  1. well, 1 of the issues is resolved.. I suppose that's a start

  2. Same here. I think that I just don't feel like the stupid small-talk that goes with it. I never answer the phone unless I really have to. If it's for hubby, I just holler to him to pick up - if he's not home, it goes to voice-mail.

  3. still have 3 calls that need to be made - 1 that I made already and they said "try again tomorrow"... the second call I can't make until the first one says "yes"... and the 3rd.. well, I can't find the bill... I need a better organization system for those