Monday, August 29, 2011

Wholesale Halloween Costumes: Review

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Do your boys love playing dress up as much as mine do?  Hrm, maybe it's not masculine to call it "playing dress up".  Monkey especially loves to pretend.  He's frequently Diego, saving trapped animals.  He loves animals too.  

With Halloween just over a month away, it's time to start thinking about costumes, and Wholesale Halloween Costumes offers excellent costumes at fantastic prices!
Crackers will not be a veterinarian any time soon if he keeps biting the animals.
We had the opportunity to try out Wholesale Halloween Costumes.  I was really impressed by the speed of their service, their vast selection of costumes, and the quality of the product we chose.  Monkey loved looking through the great toddler costumes with me and daydreaming about different characters, animals, and heroes that he could become.  
The hammer is not part of this costume and I'm afraid to know what my son is going to do with it.
We finally settled on the "Make a Wish Veterinarian" costume.  When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the contents.  I had read the description, but did not remember how many things came with this.  Monkey was super excited to try it on.  He loved the animals and stethoscope the best.  We tried it out at dinner with some friends as well, their children loved the jacket and animal x-rays.  The "doctors" in our house give this costume a thumbs up for fun, as parents, we approve of the quality as well as the educational opportunities that come with playing the role of a veterinarian!  (Best of all, it is machine washable).

You can buy a Make a Wish Veterinarian costume for your child too.  At $19.30, it's a steal!  Make sure to check out the Wholesale Halloween Costumes website for your upcoming costume needs!  

Halloween is just over a month away!!!

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