Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's in your noodles?

The truth?  I very rarely serve noodles to my family and boxed foods, like Mac&Cheese are extremely rare.

But - I LOVE noodles.  I can't think of very many ways to eat noodles that I don't like.  The problem is that I am a type 2 diabetic.  For the most part, noodles are just plain out of the question.

Today was one of those extremely rare days.  I pulled out a box of "noodles and cheese" for my boys.  Monkey usually will not eat them, he's not a pasta guy.  I can't just serve them plain noodles and cheese either - I'm one of THOSE moms that can't leave a "good" food alone.  I searched the cupboard, looking for something to make it slightly healthier for my family, I checked the fridge...

Here's the end result:
Noodles & Cheese with hidden curried cauliflower
and some hummus
and some cheddar
and some parmesean

Sound gross?  I only gave Monkey about a spoon full, he gobbled it down and wanted more.  My noodles experiment was a success!

Do you hide things in your noodles?  What do you do to make this traditional lunch healthier for your family?

(By the way, tonight is lasagna night - my "noodles" will be thinly sliced yellow squash


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