Thursday, August 11, 2011

Spa Party Ideas - help please

I'm thinking about hosting a spa party for some of my lady friends.  This obviously would have NOTHING to do with boys, other than that most of us are married, and most of us have sons.  I need ideas for activities to include in a spa party though - I've never done one before.

Please leave comments on this post with ideas for hosting a spa party!
Thanks to all my fantastic readers.

Shaving Cream Body Art will NOT be a spa activity!


  1. Ooooh, Spa parties can be fun!
    Get a tub/basin that your feet will fit into together (el cheapo is perfect), enough marbles to cover the bottom, foot soak stuff (available even at WalMart),cheap footscrubbers (those sandpaper thingies), foot scrub, and foot lotion. And a pair of clean socks for each guest. Fill the tubs with hot water, a dollop of foot soak, and let guests soak their feet while chatting or watching a movie. Then scrub feet, remove nail polish, dry, cover with lotion, and put on socks. A bit later you can paint nails.
    Facial scrubs:
    Get some different facial scrubs (or google facials for other ideas) and do those together.

    Fun drinks and finger foods would be perfect, too!

  2. Mary Kay Satin Hands! And I would bet that there's a MK rep out there that would give you lots of free samples for your party for a review!!!!!

    Jessica V.

  3. Mmm, any particular brands you love?

  4. well if there will be no shaving cream body art i'm out. lame.

  5. Jen!
    You could buy some Epsom salts (in a 4 lb bag) and buy essential oil, or squeeze lemons or limes to add to the foot soak. Then, you can use sugar and add some honey or lemon/limes to make a scrub. That would be great cheap alternative while still being rather eco friendly. Then use your lotions or polishes and the socks idea is great!

  6. @Melissa - hah... you can come enjoy shaving cream body art any time.

    @Brooke Anna - great idea, thanks (btw - at first I read 40 lb bag... I wondered where you'd find something that big, or how I'd tote it!)

  7. How about getting a list of all those homemade beauty treatments you always see people posting? You know, cucumbers and tea bags for eyes, honey or avocado masks, etc. Pick a few, then get all the ingredients together and have the recipes in a little binder. Split into a couple of groups and each can make one or two of the recipes. After they're done, try them out! You could also get some cheap food storage containers and send everyone home with some of the concoctions that might need to be left on all night or used in the shower.

  8. I like that idea Alicia, thanks

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