Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Post 6

Each of our boys has a special name.  At least, we think they're special.  I always loved very traditional names: Matthew, Benjamin, Andrew, Zachary (maybe because I have cousins with all of those names).  I was never extremely fond of unusual names.  Mr. Crum, however - has all sorts of wild ideas for boy names.  Most of these names were ruled out before he could finish saying them.  Our boys have uncommon names, but names with history.

Monkey:  His first name is a biblical name meaning "to forget".  The father  that named his son with the same name said it was because "God made me forget all of my troubles."  We love that story.  We also love the name because his namesake was the leader of a biblical tribe that got part of their inheritance before crossing the Jordan River.  (If you're good on biblical trivia you can figure out his name fairly easily at this point).  
His middle name is Mr. Crum's first name.  It has been a tradition for a few generations in Mr. Crum's family to give the first son his dad's first name as a middle name.  Thus, Mr. Crum's middle name is Grandpa Crum's first name.

Crackers:  His name was kind of a surprise to us.  We had a couple of "favorites" when he was born and honestly thought we were going to give him the name of Monkey's biblical brother.  When Cracker's was born, however - we looked at him and immediately chose the other name.  The name we chose was the name of my Grandmother's Grandfather.  So - his great, great, great grandfather.  It means "empty" - Mr. Crum says that is because he will be an "empty vessel" for God to fill.
His middle name is the same as Mr. Crum's grandfather's middle name.  We like it and it flows nicely.

BABY 3:  Well, we really like the name Azariah, "God helps".  Azariah was the Hebrew name for the character Abednego in the story of the Fiery Furnace.  We like the sound and the meaning.  It's fairly well stuck in our minds.  
Here's the problem - we can't come up with a middle name that sounds just right with Azariah.  We have a few ideas, and I'm looking at people's favorite names on my Boy Party post.  Does anyone have a great idea for a middle name?

Azariah sounds like Az - uh - ry - uh


  1. I'd go with Michael. Azariah Michael Crum. Has a nice rhythm, and makes use of another family name.

  2. It does, but if we ever have a girl, she'll be Michaela...