Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Allergy Awareness

Before I leave my sweet little man in the church nursery, I've got to figure out a good way to help adults remember that he has egg and peanut allergies.  Maybe it's weird, but I'm paranoid about leaving him with anyone because I have seen his face swell up after a tiny bit of egg.. scary stuff.

Does anyone have some great advice about how to help caregivers remember to keep him away from allergens?


  1. We used to put a sticker on Bugsy's back. Now he just asks if things have berries.

  2. I've heard of parents doing 2 different things. (This is Carmen, btw)

    1. Put a sticker on your little guy that tells people not to feed him anything without your permission. Specifically state that he's allergic to egg and peanut, but tell them not to feed him anything because others who are not used to reading labels might not realize that something has egg or peanut in it.

    2. Always send him with alternative snacks, so when the other kids are eating things, he has something too.

  3. Bring a snack to the class. This will serve as a reminder for the teachers but also provide a snack for the little guy (in case they are serving something on the no no list.

  4. I have a daughter with anaphylactic allergies to dairy, eggs and peanuts.

    We do the sticker thing (I bought mine online and they're shaped like a stop sign and the sticker lists her allergies).

    There are also a few companies that make food allergy shirts for children... you might want to search online for that.

    I also provide my daughter's own food and let people know she can't eat anything that other people have prepared.

    I would suggest personally meeting with the caregivers at the nursery and discuss your son's allergies with them. If the nursery staff rotates every week then go in 1/2 hour earlier so you can meet with them every time. A personal exchange can really make an impact and help them remember that he has allergies.