Friday, February 4, 2011


 Ah the wonderful world of toddler underpants.  We've struggled our way into this world for at least a year now.  Monkey started wearing them around 1 1/2, some of the time.  I had him wearing them during the day, when our older kids were in school.  Then came summer time - we had 1 foster child and he was home all day, so Monkey didn't wear underpants.  I may be weird, but I don't really like cleaning 5 pair of pants and underwear every day and we just don't have enough to wait a few days between washing!  So this summer, we stopped. 

Then we started again in September, after our foster children had both moved to other places.  Monkey did really well with underpants, he even pooped in the potty several times.  Late that month he got sick and had diarrhea for over a month straight, I wish I was exaggerating.  I did not want to deal with THAT mess, so he wore diapers.  Once he was healthy again it was really easy for me to be lazy and only put him in his underpants when I felt like dealing with the mess. 

Now in January I got really serious, my boy is 2 1/2 and I think he looks silly in a diaper.  He wears underpants every day, and he wants to wear them when he's sleeping!  I sometimes let him, but I still don't like the mess, so he usually sleeps in a diaper.  After his ridiculous run of diarrhea, he did not want to poop in the potty any more.  Oh that made me crazy.

Suddenly, this week - my boy sat on the potty at bed time and pooped.  He looked up and grinned at us and told us "Na-ee make poop!"
Hooray for the magic of toddler underpants!!!


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