Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Taking some time today to focus prayers on a few specific people:

Paul & Erin
I'm praying for health, whole-ness and healing for you both.  Also for strength in your marriage.  Praying for sweet Ben, that he have a sense of stability and overwhelming love while things are scary and shaky.

Sarah & BJ
I'm praying for safety in travel, that you find jobs and housing quickly.  I'm also praying that God will work in you to strengthen you together.  (and I'm praying that Sarah gets pregnant and you decide to move back here quickly).

3 single women who I won't mention by name
I'm praying that you find everything you need in God, but don't give up on relationships.  I pray that you find contentment with who you are and begin to recognize your worth as an individual.  I pray that you find your value and shine like never before.

My friends at Mom Time
I pray for peace when your children make you want to pull out your hair (or theirs).  I pray for wisdom to raise your boys and girls as outstanding young men and women of faith.  I pray for growing marital relationships for each of you as we muddle through this time in life together.


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