Friday, February 25, 2011

Out to Sea with Jonah (and the pirates)

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH ye ready for a party?

The eager host
Last night was our 3rd "preschool party".  I think I need to change the name since our guests range from ages 8 months to 7 years!  Our theme was Out to See with Jonah.  We had some very generous sponsors for this party, and guess what - they're ALL hosting giveaways (these will be posted over the weekend). 

So, what'd we do????? 

The big fish
Inside the big fish
We told the story of Jonah with puppets and a BIG BIG Fish.. it ate several of us!
Walking the plank 

  Then we walked the plank, we took turns falling into the deep blue sea like Jonah (and being eaten by that big crazy fish).  Some of the guys were a little timid about it, but by the end all but 1 had walked the plank.. and he can't walk anyway.  (he did crawl over it though)
We colored some fish
And went fishing!

Super easy craft, I couldn't find my Popsicle sticks though, so we used clothes pins.. it worked and they all enjoyed trying to catch fish.

Waiting for instructions  
The boys (did I mention it ended up being all boys?) said their favorite game was the treasure hunt, they wanted to do it again and again!

Snack was an amazingly fun event, I'll share more about that when I post my Wholly Guacamole review.. AND GIVEAWAY! (4 winners!)
Where does it go?
Next was our blindfold game, some of the boys wanted to play it again and again and again (especially the oldest), others were not so sure about being blindfolded.

We had a small battle, a lily pad hop and stop game, coloring, and a movie. 

They were all pretty worn out by the end!


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