Monday, February 7, 2011

Minnesota... (er, Mini Soda)... Vacation

I meant it when I told my sister I wasn't writing any more today... and then I was thinking about our super-mini vacation...

On New Year's Eve, Randy and I had the opportunity to visit our friend "Big Red".  On our way to pick up our kids we really needed to stop for the restroom.. you know how that goes?  So we stopped at this amazingly fantastic resort.  To find out more about the "resort", read the rest of the story after my photos.

I am mama, hear me roar

The sign behind us says "Bear Lodge"

Beautiful fireplace surrounded by black leather furniture

Sneaking a smooch after a (very) short hike

Okay, so the truth?  We were in Osceola, Indiana.  Yep.  That's McDonalds on Lincolnway.  It's amazing.  We had a great time being "tourists" and enjoyed the rustic feel of this "lodge".  We picked up some drinks and discovered a little park next door with a beautiful woods and walking path.  Our favorite new spot, can't wait to take the boys, when it's warmer.   Oh, and I didn't mention, they have a playplace!


  1. Hey! You were like 2 miles from my house! Maybe we can meet there this summer.

  2. Next time we're up there we'll let you know, need to plan a trip REAL soon to see Big Red.. we wanted to go last week.. but... snow....