Friday, February 11, 2011

Beginning Bible: Week 4

We are starting a letter of the week.  This week was A for Abraham.

Abraham's Story

Monday -
Story - (part 1)
Music - Father Abraham
Math/Life Skills - Sorting/Packing clothes for the journey with Abe
Free Play - Acting like Sheep and Cows
Art - Making Binoculars

Monkey loves using tape.  He's making the binoculars he needs to journey with Abraham to a new country.

I love catching daddy in on the action.  He's testing the new binoculars.

Tuesday -
Story - (part 1)
Large movement - Stop/Go - obey game
Fine motor - Coloring page
Art - Finger Paint Stars

Story - (part 2)
Math - Counting Stars
Science - Observing Stars
Life Skills - Baking Bread

Story - (Part 2)
Free Play - Baby Isaac
Life Skills - Wrapping Presents for baby Isaac
Social day - play with friends at the playground

Story - (Part 3)
Review - Days of creation counting
               Adam & Eve Flannel
               Noah's Boat play


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