Thursday, February 17, 2011

My nemesis

If you recall, about a week ago, I wrote a blog about my "spoiled sleeper".  This sweet boy that has a hard time going to sleep on his own, because he's always been close to us at sleep time.

He is not my nemesis... NAPS are my nemesis right now.  I have no idea why, but in the last week, this little man has suddenly decided that he does not really like taking naps.  No, he HATES naps.  It's not that he's outgrowing them, he still sleeps for 2-3 hours (minimum) once he goes to sleep, but he does not WANT to sleep.  His behaviors, when he chooses not to sleep are ridiculous because he has a hard time focusing on activities (ie, speech therapy) when he's tired.

Rough week with naps.  Rough week for Monkey.  I'm working on a new nap time strategy.  Does anyone have a brilliant idea about how to help a 2.5 year old fall asleep when it's sleep time?  How do you teach your kids to relax?


  1. mmmmmmm... that's a great question.... how do you teach your kids to relax? maz came to me at 9:00 this morning and said, "mom, i'm taking a nap." i thought he was mad at me for not letting him play a video game, but he went upstairs and laid down. i went to check on him, and he said... i'm just not feeling that good. and 5 minutes later he was asleep... and the kicker is... he's got a friend over! poor guy. good luck with yours.

  2. see, even with m guys are sick, they struggle to relax.. these boys play hard all the time. Crackers is better at recognizing he's tired and going to sleep, his brother however... ugh