Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spoiled Sleeper

I admit it, my 2 year old is a spoiled sleeper.  
He has always been a spoiled sleeper.  When he was tiny, he slept in a bassinet next to our bed.  He had his own room until he was about 7 months old, but really only slept in it for naps.  In the night, when he would wake up, sleepy mama would put him back to sleep, and often stay in the recliner cradling him.  (I know, I know.. bad mama). 

When Monkey was 7 months old, his room moved to the "porch" area right outside our bedroom in order to make room for a foster son to start spending some nights.  Monkey's room door was literally 2 steps outside of our bedroom. 

Transition to toddler bed!
Around 15 months, we decided it was time to move him to a toddler bed.  This was a tough transition for him, but it really only took about a week.  He still needed a lot of help to fall asleep on his own.

We officially moved to Fort Wayne in June, just a month before his second birthday.  Monkey's room was directly ajoined to ours, an open doorway separating them.  He took a lot of coaxing to fall asleep, every night (I'm talking 2-3 hours of needs).  He'd often wake in the middle of the night and climb into our bed before he could fall back asleep.

In January we moved our bedroom and then, put him in a twin sized bed.  This boy's sleep is really messed up, a lot of bed time transitions and he just does not know what to do so far away from mama and daddy.  He's still waking in the night, venturing down the stairs (blankets in hand) and climbing into our bed a lot of nights.  A few nights, he's made it through in his own bed.  He still take a lot of attention to get to sleep.  We're getting there.. but boy is he spoiled!


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