Monday, February 21, 2011

New Menu Quest

Annoying news: we have to cut our grocery budget down... We'll manage, but my new goal is to try and feed our family of 4 on $50 a week.. healthy meals even.. not noodles from a box!  So, here's my first attempt at a lower-budget menu.  PLEASE leave comments on this post if you've got some great dinner ideas that cost less than $10 to prepare!

Breakfast - Puffed Wheat Cereal for the boys, Johnsonville Brat for mama
Lunch - Cocktail Wieners, Grapes, Puffcorn for boys, mama - cheese quesidilla in an extreme wellness tortilla
Dinner - Daddy's Rice Casserole - leftover rice, veggies, and ground beef, cooked together in cream of     celery soup, grapes

Breakfast - Cereal (boys), Breakfast Sausage wrap (mama)
Lunch - Chicken nuggets, banana, mixed veggies (boys), Salad for mama
Dinner - Chili with leftover meat from the freezer, oranges

Breakfast - Eggs (for those of us that can eat eggs) 
Lunch - Sausage with onions and peppers for the big people, pasta and sauce with veggies for the little ones, apples
Dinner - Taco salad

Breakfast - pancakes for boys, yogurt for mama
Lunch - Salad
Dinner - Tortilla Pizzas
Party Snack - Guacamole Whales (oh yes, there will be pictures of these on several upcoming posts: preschool party, wholly guacamole review, recipes)

Breakfast - Cereal, Yogurt for mama
Lunch - Fish Sticks, Goldfish crackers, bananas for boys; salad for mama
Dinner - Quick dinner on the road to small group!

Saturday -
Birthday party for Jeremiah... who knows what we'll do for food
Dinner - Veggie Stir Fry

Sunday - 
Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch -Blueberries, Broccoli, Cheese Quesedillas
Dinner - Spaghetti (we NEVER eat spaghetti, it'll be a special treat)

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  1. I meal plan and it not only saves us money, makes us eat healthier, but saves me from the "whats for dinner/lunch..." etc! My favorite cheap recipe is fish tacos! ( I see fish stick so I'm guessing your kiddos eat fish)

    Fish Tacos
    cabbage shredded, about 1/2 head
    2T mayo
    juice of 2 limes
    pinch of cummin (if you have it)
    2T of cilantro

    Mix all together and let sit for about an hour to marinate and soften. Add 2 precooked fish sticks to tortilla and top with coleslaw. Makes enough coleslaw to top 7-8 tacos