Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poison Apple

Remember the story of Snow White?  You know, the young lady whose step-mother was the queen and felt threatened by her presence.  Snow White ran away and moved in with a bunch of little people (er, dwarfs). 
At some point the queen found her and plotted to kill her.  She disguised herself and brought Snow White the most amazing looking apple.  One problem - it was poisoned!  It made Snow White pass out until a charming prince showed up and kissed her.

Fast forward to last night... My husband was "out with the guys", so I was home alone with my 2 beautiful sleeping "little people".  There was a knock on the door, then another.  It was 10:00, who would be at my door then?  Whoever it was seemed fairly persistent, so I answered it.  It was none other than the wicked queen disguised as a pizza delivery person.  Her poison apple?  A pizza. 
If I had known she was coming I might not have felt quite so much like Snow White.  She brought a beautiful pizza and declared that my darling husband had already paid for it.  She did not tell me it was poisoned... with 3, yes 3 types of cheese hidden beneath a layer of peppers and onions.  I didn't pass out, that might have been better though.

1 comment:

  1. mmmmmm.... pizza... i want my husband to have a pizza delivered to me... it may have been poison, but you are blessed!