Thursday, February 3, 2011

The man that makes me nervous

He's the one, the man that makes me nervous - the man that is biting the fish out of the wild bear's mouth.  He's the guy that keeps me up from 4:00 until.. well, who knows, because he has to drive to work in this crazy snow and ice weather.  And forgets to call once he makes it there.  At least, I hope that's the case because he left for work, a 23 mile drive, 3.5 hours ago and he's not answering his phone.  Certainly he's at work, right?


  1. R: I'm sorry, I'm a jerk
    J: I'm glad you made it to work
    R: I said, I'm a jerk
    J: I heard you, I'm just glad you called finally

  2. Yes, but he's such a lovable jerk!

  3. I'm mostly just glad to know he's safe