Saturday, February 5, 2011

Book Review: Miss Melody Kitty's Daydream Adventure

As I begin to write this review, Monkey, my 2 year old is begging me to read the book to him again and again.  Both of my boys loved the illustrations, they love sitting on my lap and pointing at all of the pictures, trying to find things in the pictures, and noticing all of the critters on the page!

I love this book, the story is about Miss Melody Kitty, who loves to daydream.  She does not get so absorbed in her daydreams that she cannot help other people.  If you remember, I want Monkey to learn to be compassionate.  Miss Melody Kitty is a great example of compassion.

Miss Melody's new friends help her understand that it's good to be the kitty God made her.  What a great thing for all of our kids!

I read this book with my boys and shared it during my last preschool party.  We played the Miss Melody Kitty matching game and the 4 and 5 year old loved it.  My 2 year old is not quite ready for the full set of matching cards, but we will try to play with a small set in the near future.

You can buy this book on for $9.00 plus tax and shipping.  Make sure to look at their webpage and learn about Spirit-led Designs!


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