Monday, February 14, 2011

Worthy of love

I've been bothered by something recently and it's on my mind in a big way.  I am not really even sure how to pour out all of my thoughts on this subject at once.  See, I know several young ladies that have a big problem.  They don't know they are worthy of love.  Maybe that's not it.  Maybe they think they are worthy of love but have to find a way to buy it somehow.  However it works out, they don't understand that they are worthy to be loved just simply because they are themselves. 

What happens when these young ladies don't understand their worth?  They search for other people to affirm that they have value and that they are loved.  All too often, these girls look for attention from boys, and not the kind of attention their mothers would approve of (you know what I mean?).  So here I am, wracking my brain, trying to figure out how to give a message to the young ladies I know, who are worthy of love.

When you're 14 or 28, or 40 - how do you know that you are worth loving?  How do you figure out what is good about you?  How do you show girls and women that they are beautiful.  I don't mean the kind of beauty that we find in magazines and movies.  I mean truly beautiful, the stuff that comes from somewhere deep inside and flows out of a person naturally. 

I know, this post is not entirely coherent.  I guess, I'm trying to figure out how to reach out to women, young and old and let them know I value them.  How do I help them understand that they are more than what the kids at school or the office say they are?  How can I reach in to the lives of these ladies that are on my mind and show them they are so worthy of being loved?

Not only are they worthy of being loved --- they ARE loved.  The love that they crave does not come from boys and men, but that's the way I see them trying to fill it.  I've been there... I can't remember what helped me through.

How have people shown you that you are worthy of love?  How do you show others that they are loved simply for being?


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