Friday, January 14, 2011

Beginning Bible: Week 1

This week our story was Creation from Genesis 1-3.  We read our story from different books at least 1 time every day and said our memory verse together several times a day.  (Monkey likes to tell me "no" before every line, I don't mind because he's still saying the verses).  We did 2 activities each day to help us practice and remember the story.

Daddy read the Bible story on Wednesday

Memory Verse - Genesis 1:1.  In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

Math Activities - Counting toy animals (up to 5), Counting days of creation (1-7), Identifying written numbers (done while counting), Animal puzzles (these can easily be made by using magazine or book pictures and gluing them to construction paper, then cutting them into 2, 3, 4+ pieces)

Science Activities - Water play with water animals that God created, Identifying toy animals
Science - Water Play

Art - Finger painting God's earth, Play-doh creation (we created something that God made on each day)
Monkey is helping make the sun out of play doh for art

Free play - Name animals like Adam did using little people for Adam and animals
Crackers is not so good at matching, but he is good at free play

Language - See animal names, matching animals to flash cards with pictures/words

Monkey can match animals to pictures with no trouble

Movement - Creation dance (In truth, I was going to make a dance with the days of creation and do this with my boys every day.. but I did not get this done, bummer).

What a fun week!


  1. Are you planning to post your lessons at the end of the week each week or the beginning? Just curious.

  2. I intend to post them at the end of each week, that way I can include some pictures