Sunday, January 9, 2011

Post Party Pleasure

We love parties, birthday parties are extra fun.  We had a fantastic time celebrating Crackers' first birthday yesterday.  Friends and family came and shared snacks and cakes, laughs and presents.  It was great.  We really missed our friends that were snowed in, and our family members that were sick and could not make it.  The boys stayed up HOURS past their bedtime and one of them had a hard time going to sleep. 

Even though we had an amazing time at Crackers' party, I think the best time of night was after everyone had left.  I took Crackers up to his room and read the first story out of his new Bible storybook, then snuggled.  Randy brought Monkey up a few minutes later and the little guy insisted on sitting on the arm of the recliner.  Randy and I sang with them, then Randy read the first story out of the book to Monkey.  And followed it with Monkey's favorite bedtime book.

Randy and I had spent some time previewing story Bibles and settled on this one.  The Adventure Bible Storybook is wonderfully written, with beautiful artistry.  The boys loved looking at the pictures while we read the stories.  I really look forward to using this every day with them.

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