Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Egg-free, Peanut-free, Gluten-free, Low Carb Life: Menu 6

Still living low-carb, but not quite as strictly (as evidenced by our trip to the McDonald's Playland today - that's another story entirely).  Now, for this week's amazing menu, I am including lunches this week because I've found it's easier for me to be creative ahead of time than it is when my boys are whining and signing for lunch!

Sunday - 
     Lunch - McDonalds, due to an unfortunate event in our basement, I refuse to stay home today.
     Dinner - Soup, it's already on!

Monday -
     Lunch - Mini Corn dogs, bananas, carrots
     Dinner - Stuffed Peppers (we skipped them last week)

Tuesday -
     Lunch - Popcorn chicken, rice, oranges
     Dinner - Stir Fry

Wednesday -
     Lunch - Soynut butter and jelly on corn tortillas, kiwi, tomatoes
     Dinner - Artichoke Chicken with Dill and Caper

Thursday -
      Lunch - Pizza rolls, yogurt, frozen veggies
      Dinner - Taco Salad

Friday -
     Lunch (for everyone) - Soynut butter and jelly, string cheese, applesauce
     Dinner - Mystery, possibly on the road (weather depending)

Saturday -
     Lunch - Black beans, rice, cheese, salsa
     Dinner - Black bean burgers, brussel sprouts

Sunday -
     Lunch - Eli's Chicken Enchiladas


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