Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where is God?

Oh my, of all the strange things to say while reading the "Bible book" to our 2 year old, my dear husband chose, "Oh no, we lost God"... He was referring to the time that Mary and Joseph could not find Jesus and then discovered him in the temple.  My 2 year old now thinks that we lost God and seems to think it's a good idea to go looking for him.

Ah the importance of choosing the right words!


  1. Well, since he wants to go looking for him it shows that you've been doing well at teaching him to be compassionate, right? :o)

  2. lol, I guess so
    I thought it was more a sign of compassion when he was okay with leaving a favorite play area because his brother needed medicine.. and when we got home (15+ minutes later), he ran up the stairs yelling "find Da-ee medicine" (that's what he calls his brother)