Monday, January 31, 2011

The invitation

Lately I've been trying hard to notice and take advantage of the many times every day that my 2 year old is inviting me.  He invites me quite often to be part of his life, and quite often I'm "too busy".  This is no good.  I've got to remember that I stay home so I can be actively involved with my children. 

Sometimes it is obvious that Monkey is inviting me to do things.  This morning, for instance, he grabbed my hand while watching one of his favorite TV shows.  He was inviting me to dance with him.  A little while ago he brought me a canister of play-doh and wanted me to play with him and make balls.  Again and again I make tiny little play-doh balls for him to squish.  These seem like such little tasks to me, but for him they are important.  These tasks tell my son that I care enough to take time for him.  He is more important than dishes or laundry... or even the computer.

Once in a while his invitations are more subtle.  Over all, he is not so subtle yet.  Sometimes though, he grabs my legs while I'm working on something.  This drives me crazy.  See, I'm busy and need to get things done.  At least, that is what I tell myself.  I have all day to play with him.  But he needs to know that I'm there with him and willing to make him more important than the other stuff.

Loving on my boys this morning.  What a great way to spend my time.

What reminders do you get that someone needs your attention more than your tasks?


  1. Ouch. This one hits a little to close to home. Thanks for the reminder.