Friday, January 28, 2011

Beginning Bible: Week 3

Story: Noah's Ark

Monday -
Story - We read the story from the Adventure Bible Story Book
Art - Building a Boat out of a cardboard box
Science - Water play (bath) - identifying animals while in the tub, washing off paint
Math - Sorting animals by color
Language - Identifying animals
Painting our ark
Bath time = Water play & Noah's animals!

Story - We read the story from A Child's First Bible
Art/Sensory - Tearing Paper in rainbow colors
Free Play - Using our boat to tell the story
Music/Movement - "Arky, Arky"
Putting the animals into the ark
Watching Monkey to figure out how to tear paper

Story -On Noah's Ark by Jan Brett
Art/Sensory - Gluing torn paper into rainbow shape
Movement - Acting like animals
Science - Making rain (I used the torn paper for rain and dumped it over the boys)
Using torn paper from yesterday to make a rainbow today!
Proud of his artwork.  I love this shot, in spite of his dirty face.

Story - Noah's Ark by Lucy Cousins
Life Skills - Hammering a nail
Math - Counting Noah's animals
Science - Ocean in a bottle (from 60Quick and Easy Science Experiments with Everyday Items)
Monkey is practicing hammering, just like Noah hammered to make the ark.

Ocean in a bottle

Friday - FIELD TRIP 
Life Experience - Visiting the pet store (because the zoo is closed)
Media - Watch Noah video (didn't find one at the library, so we're not watching one)
All of the boys loved the birds

The fish at the pet store were fascinating

This lady looked a little unsure about her audience while grooming a poor dog.

Monkey gets some advice about caring for fish.

And for your enjoyment...


  1. It looks like you guys had a really fun week. The Rise and Shine song will ALWAYS make me think of Paul singing it VERY off key every morning at camp. ha!

  2. Do you homeschool?
    I am in the beginning phases of getting curriculum and things together for my daughter (turning 4 in May) and have no idea where to even begin!