Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Phrase: Part 3

If you haven't read about "My phrase" and want to know what it's about, click here

I wrote yesterday about how, as a parent I have the responsibility to help my children write their stories.  I have the power to influence what they think about themselves, and who they will become.  Right now Randy and I are the ones that tell them who they are and what it means to be that person. 

Yesterday I wrote about the phrases that I want to speak into Monkey's life.  If you want to know what those things are, read the blog about him.  Today I want to share a little about Crackers.  You may remember that he has had some significant struggles in the first year of his life, particularly in the first month.  If you want to reread this, click here

Crackers first week.

This young man has already shown us that he is a miracle.  I hope that he hears that enough in his life to make that part of his story.  The phrase I really want him to learn, however is this:  I am an overcomer. 

As Cracker's grows he will face challenges.  We all do.  He already has faced a few and he has shown us again and again that he is an overcomer.  He is a fighter and as he grows, I want this boy to know that he can make it through the tough times.  At this point he does not stand on his own more than a second or two, and that is with a lot of help and encouragement.  He does not walk yet either.  He is just 12 months old, so we are not too concerned, yet.  He also has a therapist that watches him and is doing what she can to help him continue to meet his milestones. 

My boy will learn that he is an overcomer.  I have not pinned down a second word for him yet, we'll get there.  At this moment he is trying to learn how to overcome the potty chair.  I'm not saying he's trying to go to the bathroom, he wants to figure out how to climb it and sit on top of it without falling off.. or maybe he's trying to fall off, he'll conquer it in his own way, little boys are funny!

What positive words have people spoken to you recently?  A friend told me yesterday, "I appreciate you".  You better believe that has a huge impact on how I feel about myself.

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