Saturday, January 15, 2011

Diet evaluation

Okay, so it's kind of early to evaluate my diet.  I officially started the no carbs thing on Monday.  Let me tell you though, I can feel a difference.  I have more energy and have been more productive.  Overall, that makes me happy.  I did not weigh myself at the beginning, so I don't know for sure if I've lost anything.  I have been keeping track of my blood glucose and it is starting to drop.  Yesterday I had a MONSTER headache, I think it might be due to choosing to go coffee and soda free starting on Thursday.

I'm working on the menu for next week, and I think that, at least for me, it will continue to be carb free.  Randy says he hasn't decided yet, but he has lost 3 pounds this week, according to the scale at work!

I have gotten some great tips from friends and family members.  Please leave comments with any tips that you have.. or recipes.


  1. Jennifer,
    One of the BEST meals I have found (and super good for you) is steamed cabbage and carrots with grilled chicken... mix it all together and add a sprinkle of sesame seeds to it... it's awesome! Also, ground turkey with Nature Season mixed with brown rice is awesome, too! Another chicken fave. is to marinate chicken breast in italian salad dressing for a few hours, bake it, and then after its almost all the way cooked, add mozzarella cheese to it and bake it a while longer.. my kids devour it and drew and i both really like it! Good luck!
    Jessica VanDine

  2. ooh, the cabbage and carrots sounds okay, I've got to work on changing my views on cooked carrots.. I'm getting there. Thanks for the ideas!