Monday, January 31, 2011

My favorite part of the day

My husband doesn't know this, but my favorite part of the day has everything to do with who he is as a daddy.  I love bed time.  We've worked it out that I put Crackers to sleep and he puts Monkey to bed.  Monkey loves this.  He begged tonight to go upstairs after dinner because he knew that daddy was there with Crackers, and he wanted daddy to read to him. 

I love that I can put Crackers in his bed and mostly ignore him while he puts himself to sleep.  I also love sitting on the end of Monkey's bed, playing on the computer, and listening to Randy read book after book to our sweet Monkey.  He becomes the book, he is the character.

I love their interaction at bedtime.  I also love my personal quiet time during this (-=


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