Monday, January 10, 2011

minus carbs

You may not know this about me, I am diabetic.  (for information about about diabetes, click here).  I have not been on medication for this medicine for several months because of a gap in insurance.  We've worked (some) on keeping our sugar intakes low,  but that only helps so much. 

I see only a few effects of the disease right now, but I am fully aware that the longer it is uncared for, the sooner I will start to see some major difficulties.  One problem that I do have is a recurring yeast infection -- I'm sure you did not want to know that, but it's true and that's the background for the rest of this story.

I've been doing some reading over the last several months about the problem of recurring yeast infections.  It seems that many people have what is called Candida.  It's a yeast infection that never really goes away.  Yeast grows and grows in our systems.  Most people do not notice the effects of yeast in their lives.  I notice it regularly.  Yeast feeds on sugar.  If you've ever made bread or other baked goods with yeast, you know that you put sugar in it to help your batter grow.

So, I'm diabetic, which means my body does not process sugar like it should, AND I have some form of recurring yeast infection - which grows on the sugars that I'm not processing well.  Yuck.  Most of the regimens that I have seen for dealing with Candida involve dieting -- taking out ALL forms of sugars (even fruit) for 6-12 weeks, even more.  Maybe it's bad, but I just cannot seem to do this.  That is SUCH a long time.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading Alpine Weight Loss Secrets, a book that I will do a review and giveaway for in a couple of days.  Stefan Aschan has inspired me to get back on track with this whole, lose weight to help with the glucose levels thing.  One thing that he recommends is making a commitment for a week.  I can totally do that.  Maybe.

This week, starting tomorrow, Monday January 10, I am making a commitment to myself to have a no carbohydrates week.  No sugar, no bread, no fruit, etc.  I will keep my glucometer handy because I know that my body will think it is starving of sugars.  It may even send me signals that it is in need of sugars.  I hope that at the end of this week I will be able to look back and say, "I can do this for another week"... and maybe in 2 weeks or a month or 2, I will be able to restart on foods with sugars and not have the effects that I have seen from yeast foods!


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