Monday, January 31, 2011

The Stink Hole

Okay, so I guess the technical name for the hole in the basement floor is not actualy "the stink hole"... but that's what I named it the first time I discovered it was spewing yuckiness into my basement and onto the floor.  This week the stink hole made another appearance into my agenda, as it has started backing up again and more frequently...

In a desperate attempt to avoid dumping hundreds of gallons of acid down my toilet, I convinced Randy that he should call Dave.  He came over and within a coupe of hours, and for a reasonable price (something that's entirely important to us right now), he cleaned out our stink hole.  All plumbing works now.

Thanks Dave!

For the record, the "Stink Hole" is an old toilet drain... I guess someone used to use it for.. well.. stink!


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