Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Egg-free, Peanut-free, Gluten-free, Low Carb Life: Menu 4

Wow, a whole month of menus!
We are still on the no carb thing for the big people this week, though Randy says that he'll probably be done next week - He's lost about 5 pounds already and is close to his target weight - and he was mostly doing this to support me.

Sunday - Omlettes (okay, I know.. that's eggs... but Cracker's only had egg yolk, so he could eat it!)
Monday - Chicken Curry Stir Fry - WOW!
Tuesday - Taco Salad - Minus chips
Wednesday - Upside Down Pizza - this is an experiment, I might take some pictures
Thursday - Spaghetti Squash
Friday - Veggie Soup with tomato base
Saturday - Salad bar


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