Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yesterday my boys and I had the opportunity to share lunch in a warming house.
Mama took his plate away
Before I get too far, let me explain what a warming house is:  It's a shelter that is open during winter days to help people who don't have a safe place to get out of the weather. 

This particular warming house is located in Anderson, IN and run by the kind folks at Main Street Church of God.  It's pretty big news around there, because (to my knowledge) there is no other place like it in Anderson.  This church chose to open the doors of their fellowship building to meet a need.  You see, they knew of a couple that lives in the neighborhood, who has no access to heat, water, electricity, etc.  There is no possible way for them to get these things in the place that they are staying.  Yikes!  It has been a cold winter.  This church has invited anyone that needs warming.  They have cots for napping, free hot lunches, movies, board games, coats, gloves, sweatshirts, socks, a bathroom (no shower). 

My boys enjoyed spending time at the warming house.  They did not just enjoy the food, they liked watching movies and spending time with the people there (especially the pastor).  When we left I kept thinking about one couple that was there.  They've been on my mind since yesterday afternoon. 
Enjoying lunch at the warming house
I don't know much of this couple's story, but I do know that they made a choice to live in a way that has cost them greatly.  They chose to get away from trouble, but that meant that they lost everything.  I don't know if I have that kind of strength.  I wonder what they miss the most.  I wonder what motivated the to make such a decision.  I wonder if they know how strong they are, or how much I admire them for their willingness to lose it all in order to better themselves.

Wow.  You know.  I bet they'd make amazing Christians.  I don't know anything about their faith.  I just now am thinking about Jesus telling the rich man that he had to get rid of everything and learn to be dependent on Him in order to follow.  What things do I need to get rid of so I can follow better?  What things am I unwilling to get rid of that hold me back?

I really wanted to write about being thankful for having warmth and food and a shower... sometimes I get in the way of myself though.

I think if I chose their lifestyle, I would miss my privacy the most.  What about you?  What's the one thing you would miss most if you had to give up everything you know?


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