Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Phrase: Part 2

A week or so ago I wrote about my phrase.  That is, the phrase that God wants me to know about myself.  He calls me "devoted daughter".  I also recognize that as a parent, I have the power, and responsibility to speak positive words into the stories that my children will eventually tell themselves about who they are.

I've spent some time thinking about this.  What do I want my children to remember about themselves as they grow?  There are so many thins that I want Monkey to hear about himself: Learner, Wise, Friend, Devoted, Courageous... but these are not the main thing.

When Monkey thinks about himself, the first thing I want him to see is "compassion".  Now, I don't expect him to walk up to people and say, "Hi, I'm Monkey and I'm compassionate".  I do, however want him to learn to act out of compassion for others.  I want that to be a central theme in his life, even as a young child.  In fact, he already acts out of compassion, but I recognize that I have to continue to foster that and help him to make it part of who he is.  What a challenge!
Monkey trying to rock Crackers when his brother is upset (it didn't help).
The other key phrase that I want to speak into his life is "Strength".  I am not talking about physical strength, although he is a strong lad!  I want him to recognize that his actions have power.  His choices matter.  I also want him to learn strength of character.  When tough times come, I want him to have the strength to face them head on without fear.  How do I go about encouraging him to recognize his strength?  Oi, it's going to be a challenge.

What words or phrases do you want to speak in to the stories of your family members?  What suggestions do you have for teaching compassion and strength to a 2 year old?


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