Sunday, January 23, 2011

Missing Neighbors

Have you ever read a story, especially a children's story, and stopped to really think about what just happened here?  Have you watched a movie and discovered that the facts just don't quite match up?  Is it an error in the plot or is there something more behind the story that the writer is not telling you?

Randy was reading a certain popular story to our oldest son last night.  While he was reading, he got to thinking about the words in the book and comparing it to what he already knew of the story, and the popular movie (and musical) that are based on this story.  You see, in this story a certain noteworthy young man misbehaves, he is rude to a visitor and punished for his behavior.  Not only is this young man punished, but all of the people who are currently working or visiting in his rather large household are also punished.  Here is the crazy thing - NO ONE NOTICES!  Can you imagine, someone with a household large enough to have people working for him, rather well known in his town, and no one recognizes that the local baker has disappeared.  Or maybe their wife, who happens to be a maid did not come home from work today, or actually it seems like it's been a few years now since she's been home.  How does this happen.  And then, in the end, how is it that they are surprised to discover this massive household (the one containing all of the punished people who work for the noteworthy young man).

Okay, so the story is Beauty and the Beast.  The book that Randy was reading said that the young prince .. PRINCE .. was punished, and he had to find love before the last petal of his magical rose fell... when he turned 21.  So, this guy had to be at least 13 when it happened, don't you think - the enchantress wouldn't have punished a little kid for acting rudely, would she?  That means that it couldn't have been more than 8 years since all of these people mysteriously vanished.  Did I mention this was a prince?  Where was his father?  Who was watching after the young prince? 

How can you not notice all these missing people.. and more!?
So many questions are left unanswered.  I've decided that there is some sort of town conspiracy here and they all are just covering up the abduction of all these folks.  That's really why they want to "kill the beast".. an outsider discovered him!

Okay, enough silliness for the morning.  Have a great day!

Can anyone else think of a great conspiracy or flaw in a favorite children's story?  I'd LOVE to hear some more.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think really happened.  OR tell me what you think really happened in the Beauty and the Beast!
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  1. Have you ever paid attention to kids cartoons like Dora or Blues Clues? My friends Jennifer, Ann and I have often discussed the oddities about these shows. For example, Dora carries everything in her back pack.. basically nothing is missing, so when she went on her world tour, how did she get it through customs? (Ann's favorite) -- How come on Blues Clues only certain characters can talk? And why on Mickey Mouse Club House is Mickey so demanding? Sit back and think about it and it will all make sense.. it's pretty funny actually..

  2. Jennifer that above comment was Jessica VanDine.. I'm not sure why it didnt show my name

  3. I'm so glad that we're not the only dorks silly enough to pick apart the kid's show (=. It was a fun converstaion.

  4. Oh, I've got one! Speaking of Mickey Mouse... Goofey & Pluto are both dogs, right? So, why is it that Goofey can talk - but Pluto can't?!?! I have pondered this since I was a child! LOL
    P.s. LOVE your blog Jennifer. ;-)

  5. I've wondered that one myself Annie... I can't figure it out!
    Thanks for the compliment.

  6. Speaking of Mickey Mouse....on the Clubhouse show Pet is always being a bully. He makes Mickey and friends pay so many coins to cross the road/bridge or pick so many apples for him off of the tree, etc. Mickey and his friends always do what he asks with a smile? Why? Sometimes Ben tries to do the same kinds of things to Caleb and I often wonder if he got it from Pete