Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Den

About a year ago, this woman had a vision.  
She recognized her vision as a calling from God and shared it with a few friends who encouraged her to follow that call.  Melissa Hullinger wrote about it in her blog My Clutter and Fun on February 23 of last year.  This was the beginning of a journey.  She is not finished yet, in fact, her family is still at the beginning of the journey, packing their bags and getting ready for the next part of their big adventure.

Melissa's passion, her calling is to start a youth center in her home town of Bremen, IN.  It has been amazing to watch the way God has pulled things together for the Hullinger family.  I'm not saying they haven't had some tough times over the past year, they certainly have.  Through all of their following his call, he has been faithful to meet their needs.  Amazing how God does that.

Very soon they hope to have a building that will host The Den.  This wonderful family is living a life of obedience and I look forward to watching them grow in faith as God continues to bless them.  The den exists to create a safe environment for teenagers to hang out, be real, be taught, and be loved.  Wow!  I wish we still lived closer so that we could be more a part of this ministry to the young people in Bremen.

Doesn't this just make you smile?  As Melissa and her family prepare for the opening of The Den, which is scheduled to open in August, they have started to look at how to fill the building with materials that will not only keep young people occupied, but help them grow.  If you have any of these items that you wish to donate, or know of someone that does, please contact myself, or Melissa.  I'd be happy to help her gather the essentials as she prepares to set up.  There is an incomplete list of needs at the bottom of this article.

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Items needed for The Den
Pool Tables
Ping Pong Tables
Dodge Balls
soccer balls
racquet balls
tennis balls
foos ball table
air hockey tables
crochet needles
pots and pans
art supplies
office supplies
stems & amp
dvd players


  1. She may want to send letters to all of the area churches. Often they have people that have stuff to get rid of.